Uncategorized A little story about mortgage interest rates 
All Around the Sound Gardner Report Windermere is the only realty firm to have our own Chief Economist — and we are so thankful to have him! Matthew Gardner shares his market expertise and forecasts in a quarterly publication called The Gardner Report. If you have questions about where the market is headed, take a look at the most recent report: […]
All Around the Sound Get to Know Snohomish County: Mossyback Farm If you love farmer’s markets, you really have to take a visit up to Mossyback Farm off of the Stanwood/Camano exit. Mossyback operates spring through Thanksgiving, and it’s set up in a tent. You can’t help but love a farmer’s market in a tent. Am I right? Here are a few pictures I took while […]
All Around the Sound Beautiful new listing in Cathcart area  
All Around the Sound Check out this tour of my new Lowell-area listing
Day Trips Oktoberfest in Leavenworth Just an hour and a half up Highway 2 from our home in Marysville, you’ll come upon the town of Leavenworth. Virtually every store, gas station, hotel, restaurant—-and even Starbucks!—-is decorated in such a way as to make you think you’ve landed in an authentic Bavarian village. It’s fun any time of the year, but […]
Uncategorized 4 Reasons why you should consider a 15-year mortgage My husband and I refinanced to a 15-year mortgage about 4 years ago, and I have been shocked to see how fast our principle is going down! Of course, initially I was shocked for a different reason … the new payment was obviously higher than before. It took some adjusting, but I'm so glad we […]
Buyers I love my first-time buyers! It's always fun when I get calls from friends saying, "Want to look at houses?" In this case, it was the son and daughter-in-law of one of my closest friends, Cathy–and friends in their own right. I knew these two back before they were married, and it has been a joy to watch their family […]
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Sellers Farlan and Bobbie I really, really love this couple. Friends before they both lost their spouses, these widowers found a second chance at love and got married in June of this year. Farlan had just turned 90 and Bobbie was 83. He liked to joke that he had robbed the cradle. 🙂 On this day, they came to […]
Listings New Listing Lovely, pristine rambler in wonderfully quiet neighborhood near Jennings Park. Inviting, fully fenced backyard with gorgeous landscaping, covered deck & water-feature is an Eden-like oasis and will be a favorite spot this summer. Seller is amazing woodworker with the shop to prove it (fully insulated; wired 220). Cabinets & 2 closet doors are his handiwork! […]
Marysville Congratulations, Frank and Katy! SOLD!  We sold this home in one day … and for $10,000 over asking price. My clients had found their gorgeous new home in Whatcom County and called me with the news: “We need to list our house immediately–and have a pending offer within 12 days!” So we worked quickly and made it happen. We were on […]
All Around the Sound 15 Incredible Hikes Under 5 Miles Everyone In Washington Should Take Just a few of the many great hiking trails in our area.  http://www.onlyinyourstate.com/washington/5-mile-hikes-in-wa/
All Around the Sound Everett Farmers Market We had a nice visit this morning at the new site fo the Farmers Market down on the waterfront near Scuttlebutt's. Here's a quick 2 minute look:      
Uncategorized Interesting loft solution http://www.treehugger.com/tiny-houses/stairs-week-solve-old-loft-design-problem.html
All Around the Sound Snohomish County Pumpkin Patches Wait a minute … wasn’t it just two months ago that we were all traipsing through the fields hunting pumpkins? This year has flowwwwwn by! Here’s a list of some great Snohomish County pumpkin patches. And yes, that’s my grandson. He was the best little pumpkin in the patch. 🙂 Biringer’s Black Crow Pumpkins & […]
Luxury Homes Haven’t you always wanted to live in a home once owned by a famous writer? Guess what? Judy Blumes' house is for sale! All you have to do is write a check for 2.6 million and move to Massachusetts. 😀 ​      
Sellers What’s the big deal about curb appeal? The experts tell us that in human interactions, two people meeting for the first time size one another up and form an opinion of each other in the first seven seconds. In just that short span of time, each determines if the other is a friend or a foe; someone to approach or someone to […]
Sellers Love It Before You List It The year was 1989, and I was just about to learn the meaning of the word “boom.” We’d met one afternoon with a real estate agent who advised us that if we wanted to sell our Silver Lake home, we needed to paint the living room, re-stain the deck, and put fresh bark over the […]
Tips and Reminders Happy Houseplant Appreciation Day! (Really) Is it just me, or do we have crazy holidays? January 10 really, truly is National Houseplant Appreciation Day. I'm just wondering what my houseplants would like …                       .
Buyers 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Buyers Happy 2015! As always, new years mean new resolutions. Soon, we'll see joggers in their spanking new running shoes trudging and panting along roads and trails. Registration at the YMCA will skyrocket, and for a little while, fitness center parking lots will be full of hopeful exercisers. You have to love the collective optimism that […]